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If you need help creating your CV, writing a job specification or tips on how to land your next interview, we have some FREE resources you can download and read to boost your employment skills

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For Candidates

The Perfect CV

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a brief document that allows you to highlight your best qualities to a potential employer. It sells your skills and experience while demonstrating that you are the best candidate for the job. Getting your CV right is critical because it will be your first point of contact with employers.

Click here for our free template.


Read our helpful document for some pointers on improving your current CV.

Interview With Confidence

An interview is a process in which a job seeker interacts with and answers questions from an interviewer from the organisation. This is primarily for the purpose of determining whether or not the job seeker can be hired by their organisation.

Read our helpful document to learn how to prepare for your next interview.

For Clients

The Perfect Job Spec

A job description for health and social care jobs is an essential component of the job application process. It helps applicants determine whether the role is a good fit for their skill set. The job description can be critical in ensuring that the applications submitted for the position closely reflect the needs of the function itself.

Read our helpful guide to learn how to improve your current job description.

Hire With Confidence

In the employee selection process, the interview is a crucial step. It allows an employer to determine whether an applicant's skills, experience, and personality match the job's requirements and company culture.

Read our helpful document to learn how to prepare for your next interview.


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