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What is a CV Writing Service


A CV is the first thing that an employer will see when actively looking for employees, and you, like every other job seeker need to grasp their attention to increase your chance of securing the job you want. Not only is a CV a basic need in the modern world but it’s a way to communicate to others and just like an interview, you want to showcase everything that’s great about you.

It’s our job to help you get a job, and so by using our expertise we can help push you above the crowds, get your voice heard, get you more interviews and hopefully the gold at the end of the rainbow, a job!

We take your CV, make it look presentable, more eye catching and highlight the areas that an employer would look for to give you the best chance of success. This, partnered with a covering letter and our 30 minute career advice will not only provide you with an upper hand but also something you can hold onto for life.

Being a Recruitment company, we look at hundreds of CVs weekly so we know what makes some CVs better than others, and that’s why our service may be the right choice for you.

If you’re not sure if you’d like to use our service, then read our check list below to find out if an edited CV, covering letter and career advice packages are for you.

Does your CV need to be

rewritten by a professional?


 Your CV isn’t getting you any interviews

If you are sending off your CV to job sites or companies but you aren’t getting anywhere, it may be time for some feedback. A professional writer will immediately be able to spot mistakes or anything that a recruiter may find off putting.

 You haven’t had a job, or have been in a job for a while

CV trends and expectations change.  You may have forgotten how to write a CV and what is the modern standard. For example, a date of birth used to be a required part of any CV. Today we have anti-discrimination legislation.

 It’s hard to sell yourself

Most people find it hard to sell themselves without sounding like they are bragging or may not have the confidence to put achievements down. A professional CV writer will work with you to identify your most saleable attributes and present them in a professional, non-boastful way.

 You’re written English is poor       …oops

There’s nothing more likely to put a recruiter off than a CV jam-packed with spelling and grammar mistakes.  It may be that written English isn’t too important in your work or it’s not your first language. But for your initial introduction to someone, it’s vital to make a fantastic first impression.

 There is an increase in the use of CV writers

There is a huge demand now for professional CV writers. This means that there are a lot of job hunters getting their CV produced by an expert.  If a recruiter is faced with a pile of well-presented, high-impact CVs, written by people who know what sells, what are they going to think when they get to yours? Will it be up to scratch?

 We are here to help

We want you to get the interview, it’s our job! If we can use our expertise to make you stand out and increase the chance of you getting the career you want. It’s a win win!


We have three categories, to help mould our expertise to your needs

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Gold box
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